About Us


Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founder Quentin Davis was always intrigued with urban fashion and influencing others. Quentin grabbed his peers attention through social media for years with his lovable personality, unique swag, and motivational words with broadcasting individuality. Later that year on December 10, 2018 Donté Dinero was born. 

Donté Dinero, LLC is an urban brand that focus on providing affordable luxury streetwear to the fashion enthusiast. Owned, operated and founded by Quentin Davis, with the vision that will reach local and national markets but also be branded to have a global appeal.

We believe that individuality is the surest way to wealth. We promote peers in their rarest form to broadcast being the best version of you is the only way to go. Striving towards your goals while remaining true to yourself and what you desire will get anyone immeasurable wealth. Riches are not everything but working towards your goals while manifesting the life you want will bring them to you. Founder; Quentin Davis manifested a business idea, pursued with a dream of being an entrepreneur and never looked back. Using social media, Donté Dinero expands its' audience daily and has developed business relationships and clientele. 

In the book of Proverbs 8:18 "With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity."